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GEO > UBQ Token

Moving to the UBQ blockchain

GEO is becoming a UBQ token! This allows for new features, such as Proof-of-Location(PoL).
With PoL, GEO can only be 'mined' by going to the correct real world location with the GEO app.

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    What is GeoCoin about?Algorithm: Qubit (POW mining ended at block # 1568125)
    Block time: 1 minute
    Number of POW blocks:

    Block Rewards:
    1 : 34000 (0.5% premine)
    2 - 100 (0 instamine protection)
    101 - 40,000 : 10 (~ 1 month)
    40,001 - 80,000 : 9 (~ 1 month)
    80,001 - 120,000 : 8 (~ 1 month)
    120,001 - 160,000 : 7 (~ 1 month)
    160,001 - 200,000 : 6 (~ 1 month)
    200,001 - 240,000 : 5 (~ 1 month)
    240,001 - 280,000 : 4 (~ 1 month)
    280,001 - 320,000 : 3 (~ 1 month)
    320,001 - 360,000 : 2 (~ 1 month)
    360,001 - 1,568,125 : 1 (~ 2 years)

    Proof of Location: The remainder of the GEO supply will be dropped onto the map for collection through Proof of Location (PoL), with a total GEO supply capped at 4,000,000 GEO. The remaining GEO will be distributed at a rate of roughly 50,000 GEO per year.

    Powered by MapBox

    New and improved MapBox interface provides game like web map experience.

    Improved Cartography

    MapBox allows for a more dynamic style of web map.

    Drag n Drop GEO

    Pin some GEO to a public park or a business location near you.


    Spatial Clustering

    Dive into a nearby cluster to fan out all the GEO near you.

    3D Buildings / Video Game Sound Effects

    Improved gaming experience with local 3D Buildings and Sound Effects.

    More great features to come

    Check out our Roadmap for all our current and future development plans.

    How it worksGeocoin is a virtual currency that uses Blockchain technology. Geocaching technology has been built on top of the blockchain.

    Blockchain Technology

    GEO uses blockchain technology for a decentralized money network. This means you can send your money peer to peer with secure & instant transactions. You can now safely send your money to anyone with ease!

    • Secure
    • Instant
    • Peer to Peer
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    Launch DateOct 15, 2017

    The UBQ Fusion wallet is available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

    The UBQ Fusion wallet is capable of handling your GEO token balances. Install Fusion and resync the blockchain. Go to Contracts > Watch Token and add in the GeoCoin contract address: 0x500684CE0D4f04aBeDff3e54fCF8acC5E6CFc4bD

    Windows Mac Linux Source


    The Qubit Proof of Work Mining Phase for GeoCoin was completed at block number 1,568,125. All the GEO balances were snapshot at this block number and migrated over to the Ubiq Network. GeoCoin (GEO) can no longer be mined using CPU or GPU mining. Any mining pools that are still operating are doing so on the original POW blockchain which is now considered developer abandoned.

    New cool featuresAfter receiving some input from the community, we added some exciting features to our new MapBox interface.


    Camera Perspective Controls

    Get the best view of your GeoCoins with our new controls to tilt the aspect down or up and spin your camera view left or right.

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    3D Buildings

    Get a better sense of your surroundings with the new 3D buildings, powered by OpenStreetMap and MapBox.

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    Video Game Sound Effects

    Have a laugh with the classic video game coin sounds and new gps pings.

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    Share with Facebook

    We have combined our camera perspective controls with facebook sharing to show your friends where to find the next GeoCoin. Make sure to get the camera angle just right!

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    Proof of Location

    Start GeoCashing to earn real money with our new MapBox interface. Proof of Location simplifies obtaining cryptocurrency in a fun and active way!

    Simply turn on your GPS and head to the location to collect the GEO.

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    GeoCoin Demo Videos

    Find a Trackable GeoCoin


    Find a physical trackable GeoCoin
    in a geocache near you!

    Are you a member of Track down a GeoCoin GeoCasher Travel Bug and help it travel across the globe bouncing from cache to cache. These trackables are fun to find, and they help promote the GeoCoin project to the already massive community which has millions of geocaches and users worldwide!